Christopher Leggett  

Project Manager

Area of Expertise

Christopher has over 5 years of experience in organizational data management and has overseen implementation of strategies to manage privacy and cybersecurity risks for several high-profile technology companies and programs.

Christopher has experience helping organizations develop and implement cybersecurity and data governance frameworks and has expertise in project and program risk management tools and techniques.

Christopher is knowledgeable in GPDR and served as the Data Protection Officer for a global wireless internet hardware company and has experience leading compliance initiatives.

Christopher has helped multiple organizations achieve compliance with data and privacy regulations and is well-versed in online consumer data and privacy regulatory landscape. Christopher has experience in shepherding data governance frameworks and best practices for Facebook.

Christopher has expertise in regulations and enterprise environmental factors pertaining to the use processing of health data. Christopher provided oversight of project to develop and launch Facebook’s interactive COVID-19 Symptoms Map and Dashboards in a compliant, privacy-safe manner.

Christopher is a project and program management leader working in the technology industry who works with cross-functional teams and executives to incubate next-generation technologies and ship products with global impact. Christopher has served as a Data Protection Officer and has managed cybersecurity and privacy risks for multiple programs and organizations.

Christopher’s experience includes management of privacy and cybersecurity risks for Facebook’s Data for Good program —enabling sharing of vetted datasets with crisis first-responders, epidemiologists, and humanitarian relief organizations. Christopher has also led physics and spatial computing research initiatives to develop the necessary capabilities for next-generation products.

Christopher holds the Project Management Professional (PMP) and the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) certifications and medical training from Wake Forest University.

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