Magdy Abadir

Information Technology Director

Area of Expertise
The Evolution of Cybersecurity, Cybersecurity Basics, Cyber Tools, Cyber ​Risk Management, Cybersecurity Strategy

I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and shortly thereafter started my professional career in the Information Technology field at one of the leading Internet Service Providers. Working in different organizations around the world in diverse markets has inspired me and made me appreciate the different perspectives that different people bring to any organization. I am honored to have served as a civilian IT professional at an international peace-keeping mission comprised of twelve army contingents at an international U.S. base. I received a letter of recognition from the Force Commander for consistently going above and beyond the expectations of my position.

My interest in technology and the communications between systems and networks led me to pursue professional certifications in IT. With a degree in Business Administration, a career of over twenty years in Information Technology and a Master of Science in Cyber Security Operations and Leadership, I understand technology and its application from both a business and technical perspective.

I believe that ongoing professional development is an indispensable part of maintaining success and continued growth at every career level.

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