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I once read a quote from a British author that said, “creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected”. I love this quote because, as a product management and engineering leader in the technology industry, I overcome complex business issues with this approach. In fact, I approach each challenge like a puzzle waiting to be solved.

To creatively solve problems, it is necessary to connect seemingly unrelated bits of information in ways not conceived of before. When the Hubble telescope seemed doomed for failure because of an unsolvable technical issue, for example, a NASA engineer found a solution when manipulating a European-style shower head in his German hotel room. I can’t think of two things more unrelated than a shower head and an orbiting telescope, but that is how complex problems are solved best.

The most important ingredient in generating creative solutions is information. This is why I am a fanatical follower of technology, business and leadership trends. I read everything I can get my hands on because it fills my brain with the data needed to make “breakthrough connections” for my customers. The analytics, research and trends that I follow also give me the insights I need to provide visionary and strategic leadership to my organization.

I get even deeper satisfaction from solving problems for my customers, particularly when I make their lives easier. The ultimate reward is to hear their happiness with a solution I developed. At times, I need to dig deep into issues that seem impossible to solve – but that is when I am at my best.

My passion for making unconventional connections also extends to leadership. I assemble high-performing and cohesive teams – not by accident – but through selecting talent with diverse skill sets and personalities that mesh together. I create a culture of inclusion, development and communication to ensure that the puzzle pieces (a.k.a my team members) fit together well.

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