Senthil Kumar 

Foghorn Systems
Vice President, Global Head of Engineering & A.I

Area of Expertise
The Evolution of Cybersecurity, Cyber ​Risk Management, Cybersecurity Strategy

Senthil is an accomplished technology executive with demonstrated leadership experience in building and scaling multiple cross-functional global engineering organizations across North America, Europe, and Asia. He has held key leadership positions in several high-profile organizations of our time and has helped bring to market successful products and technologies spanning diverse fields of A.I, Edge Computing, Cloud computing, IIOT, Machine Vision, Big Data Analytics, Decision Science, BlockChain, and Visual Analytics.

Senthil currently heads a Global multi-disciplinary Engineering and Technology endeavor specializing in Edge Computing, A.I, Deep Machine Learning, Big Data, I.I.O.T, and Collaborative Human-Machine Frameworks. At the intersection of A.I, Robotics, and Industrial Automation, his team builds and develops technologies and products that define this generation and serves as a bridge to the future.

His credits include bringing to the market, products, and solutions in the field of Enterprise Decision Management, Catastrophic Risk Management, Network infused applications, A.I and Healthcare. His portfolio recognition includes multiple innovation awards and industry commendations. His work has been cited in the Wall Street Journal and has been part of Industry Panels on Technology and Futurism. He is on the A.I Standards body and has presented at multiple conferences. He also serves on the Technical Advisory Board of startups. Senthil holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science and is a University of Oxford Alumni.

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