Carol Buehrens

Active term 4/2020 – 4/2021 – Currently inactive

Area of Expertise

The Evolution of Cybersecurity, Cybersecurity Basics, Customer Experience Strategy, Your Customers, Their Journey, Customer-Focused Innovation, Customer First Culture, Customer Experience in your Organization-Navigating Politics of Change

VP Educational Programs

Carol Buehrens is a Customer Experience Strategist, Author, Keynote Speaker and Educator. Her best-selling customer experience book, Happy R.A.V.I.N.G. Customers! (Links to an external site.) provides practical advice to bring customer experience best practices to your own organization.

Focusing on constructing extraordinary experiences for over 30 years, Professor Buehrens currently leads Customer Experience at ICW Group Insurance Companies, a national leading group of insurance carriers. She has also worked for other major companies such as Liberty Mutual, Northrop, McDonnell-Douglas, Bechtel, GE, and Mercury Marine.

Her passion for improving customer experience has resulted in numerous awards, including the “CX Innovation Award” from the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA), ICW Group CEO Award, and the Liberty Mutual Star Award. She has been listed in the top 20 of the Global Top 30 Gurus for Customer Service (Links to an external site.) since 2015, and is a Founding Member and Expert of the international Customer Experience Professional Association (CXPA), and an active member of the San Diego Customer Experience Special Interest Group (CX SIG).

Professor Buehrens provides corporate and educational workshops on Customer Experience worldwide. She brought to fruition the first University-backed, accredited Customer Experience Certificate Program, now taught across the nation at leading Universities. 

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