Emily Brown

Palo Alto Networks
Regional Manager, Marketing, Sled (West)

Area of Expertise
Why Client Insight is the Ultimate Guide for Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media: Organic, Data & Analytics

Emily Brown joins us with nearly 20 years of marketing experience across several industries.
She has held roles in the architecture/engineering/construction (AEC) industry, educational publishing, media, utilities, and technology. She has also owned small consulting businesses.

Emily has spent most of her career marketing to the public sector, where she learned that getting the attention of, developing relationships with, and understanding the pain points of influencers and purchasing decision-makers is ultimately what leads to success and helps a company grow. Her decade-plus in the AEC industry prepared her for a career shift into the technology industry, where she currently focuses on marketing to state, city, and county governments; K-12 and higher education; and verticals such as infrastructure, transportation, utilities, health, and public safety. She enjoys being part of a cross-functional team and providing guidance and support that allows sellers to successfully discover, develop, and win a project or close a deal. Additionally, Emily has drawn on her analytical perspective and prowess throughout her career, from tracking and analyzing data to prove results to optimizing business systems.

In 2020, when both private- and public-sector organizations suddenly became remote workforces, companies pivoted their marketing efforts to reach customers digitally instead of in person. Emily quickly leveraged her experience in digital marketing to reach prospects through digital events, advertising, email, content, third-party media, and customer experiences.

Emily has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with concentrations in Marketing and Strategic Management from California State University, Sacramento. She currently resides in the Greater Sacramento area. When she’s not working, she is likely gardening, exercising, planning home improvement projects, wearing out German Shepherds, watching college football, or spending time with family.

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