Jonathan Epstein

Area of Expertise
Artificial intelligence and its impact on marketing technology Search engine optimization Conversion rate optimization

Brewco, Inc.
Chief Executive Officer

Jonathan Epstein is serial entrepreneur who has launched or turned around multiple startups leading to numerous successful exits. After launching his career in print media, he became an early Internet convert, and launched the website GameSpot, one of the world’s most popular gaming information sites.

He’s held C-level positions with multiple marketing technology companies across disparate marketing disciplines from search engine optimization, conversion optimization, and in-game advertising, and has also served as CEO or CMO of other technology companies. Most recently Epstein has been focused on artificial intelligence, both in its impact on marketing technology and also in the field of computer vision.

Epstein is on the boards and advisory boards of multiple technology startups in disparate industries such as in-game advertising, commercial fishing, agricultural robotics, and learning and development. He holds a physical sciences degree from Harvard.

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