Rahul Ramchandani

Area of Expertise
Digital Marketing, Digital Strategy and Digital Transformation.

Partner Development Manager

I’ve had the unique opportunity of helping Google’s largest customers transform their businesses – across Google Cloud, Google Shopping and Google Ads. I’ve been very fortunate to have had a chance to work in diverse roles – as a practitioner, in sales and in partner development, in the US and in Asia, in more than 6.5 years at Google, helping achieve hockey stick growth in all stints.

I’ve been featured on CNN Money and Fortune magazine for one of the “6 ideas for changing the world”.

I’ve been awarded the Best Digital Marketing Professional Award by the CMO Council and World Brand Congress, as well as a “Role Model for 2018” for the World Marketing Congress.

I’m very passionate about the power of Digital in transforming businesses, and like doing things differently.

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