Taryn Talley

Account Director

Area of Expertise
General digital marketing, web based marketing, email marketing

I’ve got a background and education in design having worked in the digital space for 25 years, I have spent considerable time designing and crafting marketing campaigns in multiple industries (including financial services, pharma, polymers, subscription / membership based and technology) – supporting those industries, I’ve developed marketing approaches for products and services in North America and EMEA.

My career started with everything web, focused on designing landing pages, full web sites and display ads – it wasn’t long before I moved forward into broad based digital marketing efforts that included PPC, SEM and SEO.

It was around 2009 when I really started diving into email marketing. Over the last 11+ years I have built departments and led teams focused and dedicated to email marketing. I committed to learning the email channel and continued to evolve with it. Refining channel best practices – delivering actionable thought leadership on it. Coupling that with my desire to build a culture of experimentation – it produced campaigns that delivered results.

I believe in full transparency – and to that point I want to share with you that in 2018, I began to transition my gender from male to female. I have been living full time in my preferred gender since November 2019. My preferred pronouns are she / her / hers.

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