Andrew Soderberg

Active term 10/2021 – 10/2022 – Currently active

Area of Expertise

Management training, Customer relations, team mentoring, product design, cross-department team building and relationship management, performance metrics, process improvement, M&A operations integration.

Director of Global Customer Success

My early background was in broadcast television and retail computer sales, then roles in product management at Atari Corp, video evangelism at Apple Computer, and senior management at several technology startups. I founded and for 15 years ran a successful Silicon Valley agency pioneering multimedia, and creating hundreds of web solutions for Fortune 500 companies, colleges, and universities nation-wide.

I am the author of Desktop Video Studio, a video technology primer published by Random House Electronic Publishing, and I have been honored by AV Video Multimedia Producer magazine as a Top 100 digital video producer.

With over 30 years in customer service and over 25 years in interactive media development, I am a customer success executive, web developer, and accessibility evangelist who thrives on process improvement and business growth challenges. I build, mentor, and train multi-award winning CS/CX teams. I specialize in developing success strategies, CX best practices, UX design architecture, and web accessibility to enrich the customer experience.

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