Flenoid webster

Active term 11/2021 – 11/2022 – Currently active

Area of Expertise

media technology – leadership skills – group msrketing and behaviour

Hallel House / S.U.N. Programme Factory III

Flip Webster has been involved in the production of new media for over 15 years. A background in music video production with over 60 -MTV/VH-1/ MUSIC PLUS titles under his belt and 2 BillBoard Nominated music videos which carried over to the creation of productions for direct to video and independent television. Creating productions from concept to placement for distribution domestically and internationally.

He has trained directors and producers in new media and has acted as consultant for numerous indi productions throughout the US and Canada. He is a strong advocate for programming reform for faith & family friendly properties and the creation of more opportunities for production companies to become more self sufficient.

He is putting together companies to be able to create more jobs for entertainment professionals.
a background in music, film, garmentand industrial engineering has aided to create production formulas and solutions. Flenoit’s family spans 4 generations in entertainement.

Specialties: creating properties that people want to see and having a pulse on the needs for programmes, marketing and sales of programmes and products for call to action and “BETTER POSITIONED” product placement integration , creating non-signiture networks and syndications for indi programmes , direct to disc marketing in promotions for on-line and retail sales.

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