Jamie Getgood

Active term 10/2021 – 10/2022 – Currently active

Area of Expertise

People Focused Leadership Developing culture Change Management Talent Acquisition

Chief People Officer
Staffing Venture Capital

Jamie Getgood travels the globe as an International Keynote Speaker sharing his leadership secrets through his trademark culture initiative, the General Motors Holden Transition.

In 2017, Jamie took the lead in facilitating the closure of General Motors – Holden’s manufacturing operations in Australia. During the closure process, he helped the company away from the former command and control management into a more engaging process that revolved around culture, leadership, and especially, people. As a result, they transformed GM Holden from a bottom quartile performer to the number 1 General Motors quality plant in the world within their last 8 months of operation.

Shortly after the successful Holden Transition, Jamie established Getgood Consulting, an HR service provider which quickly became the most sought after company in the industry across Australia. His team handles the nation’s largest and most complex HR strategy projects in the country, and they leave a positive impact wherever they go.

After having co-authored books & publications, being featured on national TV, having spoken at conferences around the world, and winning numerous awards, such as the Australian Leader of the Year by the Australian Excellence Awards, Jamie is widely recognized as one of the most prominent advocates of people-centric leadership, as well as modern company culture and engagement practice.

The man is a living testament of his philosophy; An conscientious leader with a warm sincerity that says, “every conversation is worth having.”

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