Ashley McLemore, MA

A. McLemore Consulting
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Speaker

Area of Expertise

Ashley’s mission is to plant seeds for personal and professional liberation of others. To plant seeds you have to till the soil first. She tills the soil by turning it over and over by way of public speaking and facilitating conversations around topics we’ve learned not to discuss. With a career path that has taken a zigzagged route from the fashion industry into public health then back around to infuse the two industries as a dual business owner.

With A. McLemore Consulting, Ashley authentically asks tough questions to both employees and leadership alike for their reflection and liberation. Ashley has held contracts with health departments, hospitals, and high schools to speak openly about the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion as it relates to holistic and sexual health. Ashley empowers women and queer folks to take up space and lead by doing so herself. What type of leader will you be?

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