Fatima Wafy

Solution Architect

Area of Expertise
Salesforce, Software Implementation, Software Architecture

I’m a Salesforce enthusiast with a passion for being the expert advisor in the room. I’m a technical person, but I lead with relationship building and empathy. I take my Ohana seriously and always offer a listening ear to colleagues and customers. I work on building immediate credibility with technologists and stakeholders at all levels, from students to CIOs. I don’t just want to be part of an industry movement; I want to be leading it with highly developed technical skills, equally well-developed people skills, and a keen ability to see and grasp the big picture, all wrapped up in a desire to be an instrument of change.

I enjoy being in nature, and California weather affords me many opportunities. I’m a food aficionado, and in the colder months I like to snuggle up with a murder-mystery book. When I’m not Saleforce’in around I’m horse’in around with my two spirited funny little boys. My latest focus has been fine-tuning my physical and mental health with lifestyle changes.

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