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Area of Expertise

• Extensive consulting to universities in the area of AACSB accreditation application, iSER reporting, writing, and production, and annual review updates and outcome assessments. Encompasses integrating student demo/psychographics into curricula concept design, rubrics, and outcomes, while maintaining AACSB standards and guidelines, and achieving full integration of all students into campus life.

• Special project work designed to expand institutional reach and create frictionless pathways to a positive, successful collegiate experience for students, with special emphasis on underrepresented and marginalized communities. Includes program and academic schools marketing; special events; public relations; social media; videography/photography; website development; survey design and implementation; and engaging with undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, advisors, and institutional leadership.

• Created more than a half dozen university standalone ”Centers for Excellence” featuring a wide variety of pedagogical educational workshops; boot camps; incubators and accelerators; pitch events; certification programs; prospective and current student and alumni events; identification of strategic partnerships between centers and local/regional/national/international associations, government agencies, policymakers, civic organizations, businesses, and nonprofits. Includes Centers for Transformational Leadership and EDI; Analytics & Business Intelligence; Student Success; Global Business; Economic Research; Social Innovation & Impact; Executive, Continuing and Professional Education; Global Innovation & Entrepreneurship; Women’s Leadership; etc.

• Each center developed included extensive research, conceptual outlines, development of comprehensive statement of outcomes reporting matrices, and copyrighting, design, and production of presentation materials used by Deans and university leadership (presidents, provosts, chancellors) internally for faculty and staff, and externally for student recruitment, financial underwriting, grants, and endowment funding.

Marketing | Public Relations | Branding | Professional SMB/SME Business, Management and Entrepreneurial Consultant, Patent Inventor, fledgling Podcaster. Julia has engaged with startups to Fortune 500 companies, successfully driving projects across a variety of industries, including Insurance/Financial Services/FinTech, and de novo banks; Post-Secondary+ Education; Media; Homeland Security Technology; ASP/SaaS; Business Analytics and Intelligence; Technology; Residential/Commercial Real Estate; Political and Issues Management; Hospitality/Restaurants; Consumer Products; Healthcare/Medical Device; and enterprise and progressive web app (PWA) development.

She has co-created and/or launched businesses, products, and services nationally and internationally; worked to reinvigorate/realign companies and brands to achieve optimal performance against KPIs; conceptualized and produced dozens of events ranging from local convenings to international week-long conferences; provided crisis management consulting, serving as point person and/or C-Suite/Media liaison during multiple natural and manmade disasters, and corporate missteps or public perception breakdowns. Her work identifies, creates and exploits sustainable competitive advantage for clients, delivering expedient, viable, sustainable, and scalable cross-channel solutions to power bottom line performance.

Long concerned with challenges faced by Main Street businesses, SMBs, and SMEs in gaining awareness in the public square, Julia has launched – and is currently working to establish – a media venture to help disseminate their stories and empower them to gain equitable share of voice.

Julia has been a guest speaker on a variety of topics mission critical to businesses, such as startup bootcamps; re-imagining, re-engineering, and reinvigorating organizations and teams through principles of authentic organization and personal branding; and identifying and reaffirming work/life balance.

She is also a cellist, global trav

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