Kelli Gordon

Area of Expertise

CTE Administrator
Butte County Office of Education

As an administrator in Butte County Office of Education’s Career Technical Education department, I passionately pursue opportunities to bridge education and workforce development in our communities, supporting programs in teaching students skills they will need for careers.

My past experiences include teaching middle school for over 10 years, founding schools at the middle and high school levels, site administration in Paradise during the year of the Camp Fire, interim principal during the pivot to home learning at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as working closely with teachers at the local and statewide levels to create and implement high quality curriculum.

I support administrators, teachers and staff in creating personalized educational opportunities for all students, based upon their interests and goals to help them identify and build on their assets, helping them become contributing members of society. Additionally, I am a member of Paradise Rotary and am excited to be an active part of rebuilding the Ridge!

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