Christina Hulka 

FIDO Alliance
Executive Director & Chief Operating Officer

Area of Expertise
Christina’s day to day activities involve addressing threats to cybersecurity. The FIDO Alliance’s mission is to reduce the worlds dependence on passwords and replace them with something more secure and easy to use. She spends time discussing solutions to eliminate phishing, man in the middle attacks and prevent bad actors from accessing sensitive data. This, combined with her previous experience in the physical world, helps her think about cybersecurity in innovative, new ways.

Christina currently serves as FIDO Alliance’s Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer. In this role, she is Chair of the Board and oversees the day to day operations of the alliance, as well as FIDO’s industry partnership program. Prior to joining FIDO, she spent 18 years in financial services, focusing on the implementation and interoperability of EMV and contactless technologies and representing Visa on
the EMVCo Board. Christina is based in the US on the West Coast and holds a Bachelor Degree in Languages and Business from Oxford Brookes University.

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