Pantelis Kalogiros  

VP Web/cofounder

Area of Expertise
The Evolution of Cybersecurity, GDPR, Incident Response, Cyber ​Risk Management, Cybersecurity Strategy

Pantelis is cofounder and SVP at Fyusion Inc. a computer vision and machine learning startup based in San Francisco. Starting up in the world of computers, he read stories about Kevin Mitnick’s hacking exploits, and he became fascinated by cybersecurity topics and their implications with respect to our digital privacy.
Today, with more than 12 years of industry experience he is responsible for Fyusion’s cloud and web services, and is a co-author of Fyusion’s patented 3D viewer technology.

He mentors and educates employees on security best practices and maintains Fyusion’s privacy and security controls ensuring compliance with audits (eg SOC2) and data regulations. He is passionate about open source, and occasionally speaks at tech conferences.

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