Phil Call 

Five Point
VP Information Systems

Area of Expertise
Cybersecurity Basics, Cyber Tools, Cyber ‚ÄčInsurance, Incident Response, Cyber ‚ÄčRisk Management, Cybersecurity Strategy

Being a CSU Alumni I am pleased to have the opportunity to share my 30 years of Information System experience as a corporate technology manager with the CSU family. Because my early career was spent as a business manager, I have always viewed technology solutions and problems from a business value perspective first.

As my career in technology roles evolved to encompass more complex and larger initiatives the perspective that the running of technology is the running of the business has always paid off. Cyber security albeit complex still needs to make good business sense and its business value should be intelligible to the executive management team responsible for the funding and approving of technology.

This ability to understand complex business challenges and opportunities and align them to truly enabling technology in a comprehensible way is what the theme of my career has been. To help enable others to develop this skill is the greatest reward possible.

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