Sanatan Sahgal

Fujitsu General America
Chief Software Architect

Area of Expertise
Cybersecurity Basics, Cybersecurity Strategy

Sanatan is the Chief Software Architect at Fujitsu General America where he is leading a team to design the AirStage Cloud Platform — an AI-enabled IoT cloud platform for smart, connected, high performance buildings. He is passionate about creating unique software experiences by leveraging his expertise in cloud computing and machine learning. Prior to Fujitsu he was at GE and Oracle where he architected Industrial IoT systems and created frameworks to design web components that mitigate security concerns.

Sanatan has been designing and implementing software systems for over 20 years. He is also a big proponent of adopting a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy early on and believes that it is vital to the success of any organization in this hyper connected world today.

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