Seth Bromberger 

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Applied Research Scientist, Global Security

Area of Expertise
Information Security, Cyber Security, Critical Infrastructure Security

Seth Bromberger has been involved in network and systems security for over twenty years. His work history spans multiple industries and sectors including government, finance, and energy.

At Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Seth is exploring practical methods to improve the security of next-generation critical infrastructure. Previously, he was Principal at NCI Security, a consulting firm dedicated to the protection of domestic and international critical infrastructure, and was the Executive Vice President of Classified and Government Programs at Energy Sector Security Consortium, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization he co-founded in 2008. He has held both technical and management positions at Pacific Gas and Electric Company and the Federal Reserve System.

Seth’s research interests include critical infrastructure protection, industrial control system and network security, and the security of emerging energy technologies such as Advanced Metering Infrastructure and Smart Grid systems. He is an active participant in several industry working groups, serves on advisory boards for technology startups, maintains several popular open source projects, and has been recognized in multiple sectors as a security thought leader and leading security practitioner.

Seth’s work on large scale data analysis and multi-source correlation techniques resulted in his being a co-inventor on patent US10097417B2, “Method and system for visualizing and analyzing a field area network”, which is being used by utilities to analyze the complex interactions among devices participating in large-scale mesh networks. He is also the listed inventor on patent application 13/339,509, “System and method for monitoring a utility meter network”, which describes the TopSight system he developed to detect anomalous behavior in a multi-million node Smart Meter network while at PG&E. Most recently, Seth conceived and developed the NetCanary system which is designed to detect reconnaissance

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