Tim Eisler

Area of Expertise
Cybersecurity Basics, Incident Response, Cyber ​Risk Management

Information Systems Manager
City of Dublin

Tim Eisler is the Information Systems Manager for the city of Dublin, a suburban city in the San Francisco Bay Area. Tim’s passion for the outdoors and focus in geography led him to a career in GIS and information systems, and laid the foundation to successfully fulfill the IT needs of a rapidly growing city. He started with the City of Dublin as a GIS Coordinator in 1992 and was promoted to Information Systems Manager in 2016.

In this position, he supervises the technical team and oversees complex projects, such as upgrades to the city’s virtualization and data storage environment, remote connectivity, and systems integration between on-premise hardware and cloud-based SaaS solutions. He works with the Chief Information Security Officer on all IT purchases for the city, operating with a budget of just over $2 million. The city maintains over 600 computers, with a mix of physical and virtual servers and desktops.

The division supports over 200 users, between permanent city staff, and contract-based positions. In early 2020, Tim successfully managed the division that thwarted a ransomware attack, and led the effort to find evidence of the attempt to attack the city’s system.

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