Mark Regynski 

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
UI/UX Lead Design Specialist

Area of Expertise
User Experience Digital Marketing Strategy Data & Analytics Conversion Optimization

Mark is the UI/UX Lead Design Specialist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory where he is responsible for modernizing digital experiences with high impact scalable designs across the lab’s various programs and lab-wide initiatives for internal and external audiences. He is also currently the UX/Marketing Director for California Chair, a Ventura-based office seating manufacturer, where he is developing measurable engagement marketing, actively driving influence, and creating memorable experiences for strategic partners and end-users.

With 20 years of experience Mark is focused on creating meaningful digital connections by blending UX design principles with growth marketing strategies. His approach is data-driven, collecting insights, discovering trends, and identifying unique approaches to market products and services that impact growth by utilizing conversion optimization techniques.

Mark has a diverse background working in B2B/B2C/D2C settings across a number of different industries including big data, eCommerce, healthcare, manufacturing, and streaming media.

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