Ryan Ballesteros

Area of Expertise

Digital Strategy, Content Marketing, Social Media: Organic

Partner at New York Life Insurance Company | Coaching Relentless, Impactful, Self-Disciplined, Extra
New York Life

Ryan was born and raised in San Jose, CA. He has had the privilege of receiving an education in two different countries (Philippines and U.S.). During his time in the Philippines, he recognized the true significance of socioeconomics and how it pertains to both the perceived and actual value of money. Shortly after, he went to school at Walden University and majored in Forensics Psychology.

In 2016, he found his calling and made a career with New York Life. For five years, he had the honor and privilege of educating and empowering individuals, businesses, and families on the importance of insurance and financial planning. As a Financial Services Professional, there was nothing more fulfilling than to give sound financial advice and proven strategies to help his clients build, protect and preserve their wealth.

In the beginning of 2021, he was promoted to Partner of the Silicon Valley Office. He credits his promotion through his pursuit of constant personal and professional development. It is where he came to the realization that he loves and enjoys helping growth minded individuals rise from their adversities and guiding them to see real life-changing success.

As a Partner, he is in search of relentless, impactful, self-disciplined, extraordinary leaders who are passionate about helping families achieve financial success. He stands for the opportunity to coach, lead and develop these individuals to reach their full potential and become the best versions of themselves. He is committed to helping them leave a legacy of success in the communities that they serve.”

Ryan is also the Co-Founder of Canid Roots, Silicon Valley’s First Subscription Based Raw Dog Food Company. Their mission is to help all dogs live longer, happier and healthier lives by educating and empowering families to transition their furry best friends to a high quality biologically appropriate raw food diet.

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