Nicola Rosciano

Active term 04/2022 – 04/2023 – Currently active

Area of Expertise

Effective Leadership Elements & Style, Leadership & Communication Tools, Leading Innovation & New Product Development, Sustainable Engineering & Leadership, Creating a Positive Corporate Culture, Global Leadership & Diversity, Driving Idea Generation, Transformational vs Transactional Leadership

Senior Manager, Service Engineer
Faraday Future

Nicola is an authentic and supremely qualified Exotic-Car technical expert. He was born in Italy into a family that owns and operates an automobile dealership. After receiving a degree in Electrical Technology, Nicola worked for Ferrari in Maranello, Italy as an engine and powertrain software engineer. He also holds an MBA Degree in International Business. While at Ferrari, he:
● Developed and implemented all vehicle controls “performance-related” software across Ferrari and Maserati V8 and V12 engines under the powertrain team.
● Managed the development of the engine software process from the concept stage to production; modified existing software to enhance performance.
● Successfully launched the Sofast (F1) system; integration of calibration and development software between the Marelli gearbox control unit and the Bosch engine control unit.
Nicola came to the US as Senior Engineer for Ferrari/Maserati, where he provided after-sales technical support to dealers of both marques. Nicola was then promoted to Director for Technical Operations for Maserati of North America, where he oversaw staffing, technical strategies, service operations, warranty departments, design and performance improvements, and technical training centers

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