Nirali Patidar

Active term 04/2022 – 04/2023 – Currently active

Area of Expertise

Technical Program and Portfolio Management | PMO Leadership

Sr. Manager, Program Management
One Concern

When you learn, teach. When you get, give. – Maya Angelou

Over her career Nirali Patidar has experienced the ripples of organizations as they have transformed to adopt better ways of operating their businesses and innovated to bring products and services to customers. She has lived the roles of change agent, program manager, wise counselor, and servant leader.

During her 14 years of program and project management in software development Nirali has led teams to improve processes, increase scale, streamline workflows, expand geographically and align with related functions. Her career coincides with developments in SaaS, e-commerce, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advances in management techniques including agile and scrum.

Nirali is inspired by people who drive relentlessly for mastery to achieve remarkable results. As a corollary in her own life, Nirali is devoted to continuous learning. The concepts, models, and tools she acquired as she pursued professional development have focused on business leadership, program management, and project management. The frameworks and techniques learned offer leverage as Nirali confronts dilemmas of structuring and translating broad initiatives into operational plans and then to tasks of marshaling progress through the cycle of execution, testing, and launching.

Nirali leads multi-disciplinary talent. She directs teams composed of PMO, software engineers, data scientists, quality engineers, designers, and product managers. Nirali oversees the development of complex programs/projects, serves as the architect of efficient and effective execution systems, and drives progress to successful completion.

From a vantage point as a software technology program manager Nirali resides in the midst of change. She thrives on being part of making a difference and trusts that the future of technology will lead to a protected environment, safer world, and better lives across the globe. She enjoys bridging gaps through offering exp

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