Vivek Koppikar

Active term 10/2021 – 10/2022 – Currently active

Area of Expertise

Lead Consulting Expert
Infosys Ltd

Recognized as an IT Leader, I’m experienced in devising and implementing analytically-enabled systems that transform businesses to achieve superior value and scalability. Time and again, I have proven my capability to analyze existing products and infrastructure and introduce best of breed solutions to Fortune 100 companies.

I am known for driving technological advancements that address process gaps, ensure advanced business performance, drive cost reduction, and promote resource excellence. Apart from having a strong foothold over emerging technologies (IoT, ML, AI and Big Data), I possess strong inspirational leadership and people engagement qualities. Throughout my career, especially during my entrepreneurial pursuit, I built a solid client base by seamlessly conveying anticipated business value of new technical interventions/upgrades to prospects.

On the team leadership and project management front, I have managed cross-matrix teams and IT resources, alongside creating project scope, budgets, quality yardsticks, and timelines. For successful closure of projects, I have been shuffling between agile, waterfall, and incremental methodologies.

Additionally, I am proficient with ITIL practices, ERP/COTS, and multiple Databases/File System OS/Networks, Languages/Development packages, and Visualizations

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