Bev Strand

Area of Expertise
Profitable Philanthropy, Winning the Work-Life Balance, Actions and Accountability, Driving Idea Generation

Liquid Cool

Bev is a well-connected inclusive seasoned leader and visionary who’s committed to social justice and equity for all people. Her experience spans roles from the receptionist, to the C-Suite and on to the Board level, in industries from retail to high-tech, from small start-up to large international corporation, from public to private, and from nonprofit to for profit.

She enjoys transforming people and social entities by utilizing her studies of Ontology and Somatic Leadership. Bev is an idea generator, has a sharp sense of humor, a gift for storytelling, and can share what it feels like to fail and succeed, to be hired and fired, to know when to lean in and when to back out.

She is curious, has a knack for discovering the 6 degrees of separation, and loves connecting people for larger influence. Bev is an empathetic generous listener and a direct communicator who is quick to help others and heartfully cares for her family and friends.

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