Deborah Saks

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Teaching women’s leaders to lead authentically, compassionately and effectively through uncertainty and constant change in today’s hybrid work environments.

Deborah Saks is a seasoned leader, speaker, executive coach, former corporate executive and Bioenergy Balancing Practitioner. She is passionate about elevating the consciousness of today’s leaders in our complex and uncertain world. Deborah coaches primarily women in leadership roles to evolve their leadership excellence practices, interpersonal skills (authenticity, diversity, inclusion, self care) plus add heart and soul to help maintain states of high performance, higher purpose and resilience each day, regardless of circumstances.

Deborah is the Founder of Lights On Leaders, an executive coaching consultancy helping leaders expand their leadership capabilities in today’s disruptive world, skillfully lead hybrid teams, clear unconscious blockages impeding growth, feel more vibrant, healthy, resilient and inspired and positively improve the world in meaningful, lasting ways.

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