Kelsey Neff

Area of Expertise

By Design Consulting

Kelsey Neff is a writer, activist, entrepreneur and lover of all the weird and wonderful complexities of humanity. She founded By Design Consulting in 2020 in response to the high need for leadership support and workforce development perpetuated by the Great Resignation. She improves company culture by focusing on two components: systems and people.

By dismantling barriers on individual and organizational levels she enhances policies and professional relationships. Kelsey works with leaders to help them lead more effectively, and with teams to work together more efficiently. She believes that excellence happens when you focus on both a big picture vision AND the daily operations to make it reality.

As an experienced trainer she has presented at state, national and international conferences and believes in the power of awareness to ignite change, build capacity and create community. Her 10 year career in nonprofits has created a foundation in strategic planning, assessment and evaluation, grant writing, professional development and community organizing. Recently she achieved a life milestone of traveling to 30 countries by the time she turned 30, now she is actively working on 50 by 50. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology.

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