Pat Reed

IHoriz and UC Berkeley
Agile Consultant and Adjunct Professor

Area of Expertise
Cross-functional collaboration in international teams. Experience with multicultural teams in EMEA and liaising with US and APACExecutive Leadership coaching, Enterprise Agile Transformations, Government Transformations

Pat is an internationally recognized thought leader in addressing some of the key challenges that block Business Agility and sustainable large scale Agile Enterprise adoption with deep domain expertise in Adaptive Leadership, Agile Accounting, Budgeting and Compliance, Change Leadership and Innovation. She coaches leaders throughout the world and primarily in Australian Government and Industry offering practical ideas on how to thrive in today’s challenges gleaned from a lifetime of experience in community mental health, criminal justice, intelligence, entertainment and e-comm.

She is also an adjunct professor at U.C. Berkeley, is an experienced corporate executive and entrepreneur and developed the Agile Accounting Standard for the Agile Alliance.

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