Rebecca Lobo

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Pillars of Positivity, Inspiring Emotional Intelligence, Actions and Accountability

Bexi’s Bespoke Revitalisation

Dr. Rebecca Lobo, PhD, is a nutritional biologist, biochemist, editor and locavore living with Sjogren’s and dysautonomia. She is driven by creativity, a passion for food and biochemistry, and a desire to develop holistic solutions to problems at the intersection of human health, nutrition & the environment.

Her interests include fostering mind, body, spirit connections to facilitate self-healing, harnessing the healing powers of nutrients in their natural matrices for optimal health, skin care & beauty, and growing & processing foods in ways that maximize the benefits to both us & our environment.

Dr. Lobo is the founder of Bexi’s Bespoke Revitalisation, a different approach to skin care that combines skincare and healthcare to revitalise, reestablish and promote interconnectedness microcosmically and macrocosmically.

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