Sandy Stack

Sonoma Academy/North Bay Coaching
Director of Enrollment/Leadership Coach

Area of Expertise
As a seeker of potential in all people and experiences with over 20 years leadership experience in for-profit and non-profit environments. I bring a multi-disciplinary approach from business, psychology, education, and research, to help individuals and organizations achieve results. Committed to helping others grow through personal and professional development, I have been at the forefront of helping start-ups, existing institutions, and senior leaders navigate organizational change, and meet their enrollment, revenue, and mission-based goals. Pursuing education professionally, and personally as a first to college student in my family, has continued to expand my mind, goals, and outlook in life.

Dr. Sandy Stack is a chief enrollment management officer and a mindful executive coach who works with C-Suite leaders, senior leaders, and entrepreneurs to find their meaning metric, re-envision what achievement looks like, and re-energize so they can live and lead into their potential.

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