Christopher Sanchez

Area of Expertise
The Evolution of Cybersecurity, Cybersecurity Basics, Cybersecurity Regulations, GDPR, Privacy & CCPA, Cyber ​Risk Management, Cybersecurity Strategy

Emergent Line

Christopher is an entrepreneur, advisor, and technologist. He works with clients to start companies, reframe problems, and uncover asymmetrical advantages for their businesses. A key part of Christopher’s work is to help clients understand, apply, and cross apply: Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, Blockchain, and other disruptive technologies to the business models of today and tomorrow.

In Cybersecurity & Defense, Christopher focuses on the Human Factor, Counter-Espionage, and Influence & Disinformation Campaigns. He believes digital literacy is the foundation of an effective cybersecurity program. As part of his commitment to digital literacy and cybersecurity, Christopher is heading the launch of the; a site focused on AI, Deep Fakes, Influence & Disinformation Campaigns, and other technologies driving the arms race of tomorrow.

Some notable organizations Christopher has founded: (Technology Think Tank,) (AI & Tech Development,) (Global AI Bill of Rights), (Ethical Data Practices,) and Will It Work? (Startup & Ideation Podcast Launching mid-2022.)

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