Umesh Lakshman

Area of Expertise
The Evolution of Cybersecurity, Cybersecurity Basics, Cyber ​Risk Management, Cybersecurity Strategy

Senior Director Solution Architect
Lumen Technologies

Umesh Lakshman is the Head of Solutions Architecture for the West and Media, Entertainment, and gaming verticals at Lumen Technologies. He is an industry veteran with 2+decades of experience in and running sales engineering organizations calling on some of the most influential brands in the world.

While technical relevancy, strategy, and creating business outcomes through excellent products, technology, and talented people are his charter, creating a tomorrow that is diverse, inclusive, and congruent to our society is a personal passion.

Umesh is a long-time bay area native but originally from Chennai, India. Umesh holds an MS in CS+EE, is a Cisco-press published author, and in his free time is a podcast host for ‘Breaking Boundaries”, where he interviews everyday heroes in the DEI realm to share their journey without holding any punches

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