Mike Keesling

Active term 04/2022 – 04/2023 – Currently active

Area of Expertise

Problem solving, innovation, rapid prototyping and non-precious prototyping. Domain knowledge in electronics, mechanics, optics, embedded systems, image processing.

Director, Product Development

Mike Keesling is an Emmy and Academy award-winning inventor with a deep background in innovation, prototyping and inventing new technologies. During his 40 years of experience, Mike has produced patents in the fields of optics, sensing, motion control and interfaces for customers in areas as diverse as the entertainment industry, agriculture, aerospace and six branches of the United States armed forces.

Mike was mentored by special effects designers, toy inventors and Walt Disney engineers in the fields of electronics and mechanics. By the time he was in his early teens, Mike was working full time designing and manufacturing mechanical components and electronics systems for remote camera cranes in the motion picture industry, using the money he earned to buy computers, electronics, lasers and synthesizers.

Mike’s interests range from electronics and mechanics to model building and photography, with an emphasis on blending technology, art and entertainment to create unique experiences.
Mike has worked most of his life in the motion picture and R&D industries, where he leverages his skills in electronics, mechanics, programming, optics, and robotics.

Whether committing years to projects with dozens of team members, or demonstrating ideas in a matter of hours, Mike excels at solving complex problems and has participated in several rapid prototyping events for SOCOM in the past.

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