Sunnie Weber

Active term 06/2022 – 06/2023 – Currently active

Area of Expertise

Effective Leadership Elements & Style, Leadership & Communication Tools, Creating a Positive Corporate Culture, Global Leadership & Diversity, Driving Idea Generation, Transformational vs Transactional Leadership

IoT Ecosystem Strategy Leader
Intel Corporation

IoT Ecosystem Partner Strategy Leader
Sunnie has been in the world of IoT for the last 8 + years now having worked in Sales and Partner Enablement, Sales Operations, and Channel Scale Design at Cisco and Intel before focusing on setting up partner programs for our edge partners, the OT SI.

Just recently she moved into a broader role in IoT as the Ecosystem Partner Strategy Lead and is excited to be able to take everything she’s learned to help build a bridge across the ecosystem, helping our partners cross over from get to go to market with a goal of getting everyone faster time to market and more services opportunities. Connecting our ecosystems through solutions and solution selling is her greatest passion at Intel.

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