Monique Day

Area of Expertise
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Principal Engineer
West Yost

Monique Day has 18 years of experience as a water resources engineer and has worked with West Yost Associates in Davis for the past 17 years. Monique’s experience includes water quality, permitting, water reuse planning, water transfers, conservation, surface and groundwater storage, conjunctive use, water rights, and integrated regional water management and urban water management planning. Much of Monique’s project work has involved multi-stakeholder planning and implementation processes, project management, and funding strategy and pursuits.

Monique has a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies from U.C. Santa Cruz, a bachelor’s degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from U.C. Berkeley, and a master’s degree in Environmental Engineering from U.C. Berkeley. Monique grew up in Sacramento, lived in Davis for many years and recently relocated to Knoxville, TN with her husband, two sons and daughter.

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